They repel sound – They repel burglars – They repel high heating bills = AAA+ Double Glazed Units

That’s right folks, Triple A Plus Double Glazed Units. = AAA+DGU’s.


“What are they?” I hear you drool?  Well, they are Acoustically Superior to AAA DGU’s, they are Tougher and Harder for Burglars to break in through too, whilst also having an Energy Efficient Coating and Argon Gas inside them.

So, basically, they repel sound – they repel burglars – they repel high heating bills.

What more could you ask for?

Of course all that doesn’t come cheap, so if you’re looking for the regular glazing option to suit your budget then I am not going to try and sell these AAA+ Dgu’s to you.  But, if you’re concerned about being broken into via your windows or glazed doors then read onward.

Using a combination of existing and new glazing techniques, we replace your existing glass (not the frames – just the glass) with our custom designed AAA+ Double Glazed Units which do all of the above – better sound proofing, better energy efficiency, and an absolute nightmare for a burglar to get through.

Once ready, we can replace your existing glass in a Day – with hardly any mess at all, literally you might have to tweak your curtains back into place and that’s all the disruption we’ll cause (99% of the time).

There might be no need to replace all and every single piece of glass in your home, for example, we might find that the back of your house is more vulnerable – so just upgrade the glazing there or the windows are so small only a gang of Ronnie Corbett’s would fit through or maybe you’re concerned about the side of your house.

Whatever you wish to do, I am not a salesman.  Of course I am in business to make money (SHOCK! HORROR! Oh the shame!!) But, I don’t like being ripped off, so I won’t try and sell you something you don’t need or don’t want.  In fact I have had customers say to me that they feel like they are trying to sell the job to me!

Anyway, if you wish for us to Survey your property with a view to installing the Upgraded AAA+ Double Glazed Units – give me a Call: Rob Townsend – no pressure.


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