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double glazed Windows


Our double glazed Windows in our Apartment were always draughty and noisy. We called Rob, and he fixed them all! Great service, worth every cent. Our windows are now working properly. I have no hesitation in recommending Rob at Window Repairs Dublin.”

– James Creighton D4

draughts in our apartment


We had a huge problem with draughts in our apartment brought about by poorly fitted windows. Our heating bills in Winter were huge because of the poor insulation. We tried different measures like insulation tape around the windows but it had no real effect and therefore contacted Rob. Rob only took a few moments to figure out the problems with our windows and fixed them very efficiently. The bottom line is he stopped the draught coming through all windows which has had a huge effect on our heating bills. He offers a very good call out and assessment service (for free I might add!) and I thought his services represented very good value for money”

– Peter Droog – Apartment owner, Sandymount

Locked Out


Our Front Door was locked shut. We called Rob and he arrived in 20 minutes. He took a look at the problem and explained to me clearly what was wrong and we agreed a price. Within a couple of hours my front door was working better than when we had it fitted originally!”

– Mary Nolan D12

Great service


Great service. Clearly explained what had gone wrong, what the cost would be, how long it would take, how much mess (none!) and when it can be done. Rob arrived on time as agreed and did exactly what we agreed for the price we agreed. No problem recommending Rob and will use him again.”

– Nina D15

Fixed patio doors


I am very happy with the repair Rob did on my patio doors and at a reasonable price. My doors were working beautifully within three hours of first contacting him. I have already recommended him to a friend. Many thanks Rob”

– Ann O’Reilly

Fantastic work!


Rob is my saviour. You can imagine the anxiety of being locked in your own home when the front door freezes. Yesterday my front door wouldn’t open. I called out a reputable big firm who temporarily fixed it, charged me a chunk of money to tell me I needed to get someone to realign my door. Within 12 hours I was locked in my house again. I searched online and found Rob. After a sleepless night I rang him first thing on a Saturday morning. He was out in half an hour and solved the problem. The door has never worked this well. Very genuine guy, straight forward, explained the problem and what he would do. Fair price . Very impressed. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Any problems I have with windows or doors in future he will be the one to call. Genuine guy doing a proper job. If you have a problem this is the one to call.”

– Nigel Cheney

Highly recommend


We had a problem with the pane on our front door. Rob came that evening and explained our tricky situation and fixed it! Genuine person. would recommend.”

– Anne



Rarely have I seen such a professional and quick technical intervention. He fixed my window as soon as possible. When I called him, he was really clear about how long it would take, how much it would be etc.. Thank you”

– Aligi

Office Window Hinges


Rob called out to our offices in Sandyford Industrial Estate, as we had trouble with our offices windows. Rob surveyed the windows and then sent us a quote. He did a great job and fixed every problem all within his quotation! Great efficient service!”

– Martin

Brilliant work!


Our house had several windows that were draughty, locked or damaged after years of neglect. Our front large window had condensation between the panes. Rob arrived and in no time had it all fixed and a very reasonable cost too. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone with problem windows. ”

– Karen dalton

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