Energy Efficient Glazing and Double Glazing

Using your existing Double Glazing Frames we can replace the Glass with Energy Efficient Glass and Double Glazing.

Low E Glass works as below:

EnergyEfficient Window Replacement Installations low e glass

Using a special coating on the inner pane of glass, which is invisible to the naked eye, the above is achieved and adds to the insulation and energy economy of your home.

Without causing any mess, or fuss, we can install this glass in the same day and dispose of your old glazing at no extra cost.

Our A-Rated Double Glazed Units come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee covering them from internal condensation – (commonly known as the unit ‘blowing’).

Energy Star Rated Windows = Low E Glazing.


The Coating is capable of keeping rooms cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter by reflecting or retaining the sun’s rays depending on the length of the UV Ray.  Clever Stuff.low e glazing

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